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St. Johns River in Clay County

North Florida Regional Water Supply Plan

2020–2045 North Florida Regional Water Supply Plan

The districts have begun the update to the 2015–2035 North Florida Regional Water Supply Plan (NFRWSP), which was approved at a joint meeting of the SJRWMD and SRWMD governing boards in January 2017. This work is being conducted to meet the requirements of Section 373.709 of the Florida Statutes, which requires the districts to reevaluate their determinations concerning the need for a water supply plan at least every five years. The development of the 2020–2045 NFRWSP will be conducted in an open process involving local governments and other stakeholders. Below are tentative milestones guiding the development of the 2020–2045 NFRWSP:

Technical Methods workshops describing the approach to developing the population and water demand projections were held on November 16 and 17, 2021, at SJRWMD and SRWMD, respectively. Comments on the methods and the datasets were received through December 17, 2021. The Districts reviewed all submitted comments and incorporated updates to the methods and datasets, as necessary. The methodologies utilized to develop the population, water demand and water reuse projections, and the water conservation scenarios are described in the following document.

The methods were utilized to develop the 2020–2045 population and water demand projections, water reuse estimates and projections, and water conservation scenarios which can be viewed in the documents below:

Additionally, the spatially distributed data can be downloaded for review here or directly reviewed at this location. Note: The geodatabase was updated June 22, 2022, to reflect revisions to Suwannee River Water Management District’s End-of-Permit agricultural estimates.

Comments on the methods and geodatabase were received through July 8, 2022, and incorporated into the documents where appropriate.

Constraint Assessment workshops describing the water resource constraint methodologies and results were held on November 15 and 16, 2022, at the SRWMD and SJRWMD, respectively. A copy of the presentation shared at both districts can be viewed below:

Stakeholder Review of Constraints

Draft constraint assessment methodologies and results are posted below. Comments on the constraint assessment methods and results were received through January 31, 2023, and will be considered in the plan update.

A link to the 2022 Kinser-Minno Wetland Assessment Tool 12/9/22 Update, used for the wetland assessment, is provided below for your convenience. This report is not open for review as part of the North Florida planning process.

Links to the adopted recovery strategies for Lower Santa Fe River Basin/SRWMD and Lakes Brooklyn and Geneva/SJRWMD are provided below for your convenience. These documents are adopted and are not open for review as part of the North Florida planning process.

As the planning process proceeds, this webpage will be updated with additional datasets, documents and notices for upcoming public meetings. Additionally, interested stakeholders are encouraged to sign up to be notified when data or documents are posted or when meetings for the 2020–2045 NFRWSP are scheduled to occur. To be added to the mailing list, please send your first and last names, group affiliation (if any) and email address to

North Florida Planners are Looking for Regional Water Supply Solutions

The North Florida Regional Water Supply Partnership is working collaboratively with the region’s utilities, water users and local stakeholders to identify water supply project options to help meet our water supply needs, now and in the future. One piece of this effort is the creation of a new list of potential projects to meet water users’ needs, which will be included in the upcoming 2023 North Florida Regional Water Supply Plan.

In February, the St. Johns River and Suwannee River water management districts began the project soliciation phase of the planning process. As part of this effort, the districts are currently reaching out to stakeholders in the North Florida region to help develop ideas and concepts for new potential water supply, water resource development and water conservation project options.

Creating a list of potential water supply projects is a collaborative process and is based on voluntary input from area stakeholders. The districts are particularly focusing on identifying potential projects that achieve water conservation, provide reclaimed water to new water users, develop alternative water supplies, or benefit natural systems. Organizations or individuals who don’t have the ability to directly sponsor a project should coordinate with their local governments and utilities on project ideas.

Potential project options can be submitted via email to the St. Johns River Water Management District using the contact information and project application form provided below. Potential project options can be submitted directly to the Suwannee River Water Management District via their project application portal link:

SJRWMD Project Option Application Form

The districts request that any responses be submitted by April 28, 2023, so the proposed projects can be considered for the 2023 Regional Water Supply Plan.

Lori Burklew, St. Johns River Water Management District
(407) 659-4813

Emily Ducker, Suwannee River Water Management District
(386) 362-1001

Previous Water Supply Plan

The 2015–2035 North Florida Regional Water Supply Plan (NFRWSP) was the first-ever regional water supply plan for the Partnership, local governments, public supply utilities, environmental advocates and other stakeholders. These groups all shared the common goals of preserving and extending our future water supply.