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North Florida-Southeast Georgia (NFSEG)
regional groundwater flow model

The North Florida-Southeast Georgia (NFSEG) regional groundwater flow model is a product of the North Florida Regional Water Supply Partnership. Technical experts from the participating water management districts and key stakeholders developed the next generation regional-scale groundwater flow model for North Florida in development of NFSEG 1.0. The technical team has completed its mandate to ensure that the most appropriate science was applied to the modeling and data analysis to support decision-making, and that the work completed was defensible, understood by the team, and collaboratively developed, as described in the partnership's charter.

The Districts have completed model development and peer review of NFSEG v 1.1 and have incorporated updates as appropriate. The final report and response to peer review are posted below, along with model documentation. NFSEG version 1.1 is used for water supply planning, establishment / assessment of minimum flows and minimum water levels (MFLs), and the review of consumptive use permits.

Final Model Report and Documentation

Final model files

Command Line Version
Groundwater Vistas Version

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Version 1.0 and 1.1