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2015-2035 North Florida Regional Water Supply Plan

The governing boards of the St. Johns River and Suwannee River water management districts on Jan. 17, 2017, jointly approved the North Florida Regional Water Supply Plan (NFRWSP). The approved NFRWSP, appendices and orders approving the plan can be downloaded below.

The water supply plan covered a 20-year planning period and was based on the best data and research available at that time. A key component of the plan was the use of the North Florida-Southeast Georgia groundwater flow model (NFSEG).

As a result of the collaborative process, the districts determined fresh groundwater alone could not supply the projected 117 million gallons per day (mgd) increase in water demand during the 20-year planning horizon without causing unacceptable impacts to water resources. The 2015–2035 NFRWSP identified the following solutions to meet the current and future water use needs of the region while ensuring the natural resources of the area are protected.


The updated plan document and appendices have been saved below as one combined document and separately to allow you to choose what portions you desire to download and review.

North Florida Regional Water Supply Plan — with appendices

North Florida Regional Water Supply Plan — without appendices

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